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Advertising / Content Strategy / E-Commerce Platforms /  Website UX & UI / Digital Transformation / Marketing Partnerships / Analytics

About Me

Sergiy Ralets, MBA

Over 8 years of experience in marketing strategy and execution working with global brands. I had the privilege to contribute to their digital growth and help shape e-commerce excellence. 

I am excited to share the wealth of knowledge I have acquired and guide your organization in conquering the challenges of the digital world. With a strategic mindset, I will assess and establish a visionary path toward realizing your business objectives. My strong technical skills will help me identify and leverage the most optimal solutions to achieve your goals.

Passionate about making epic things happen and working with people who want to make epic things happen.

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value

-Albert Einstein

My Services

Online Advertising

Expertise across main digital media channels (Meta, Google, Programmatic, TikTok, LinkedIn,etc.). Here to help you with selecting relevant solutions and guide execution. My aim is to acheve your business KPIs and drive cost efficiency.

E-Commerce and UX

Hands-on experience with Shopify, Salesforce and Magento platforms. Will support with setting up your online shop. And contuct analysis for an exhisting website in order to identify areas for optimization: UX & UI, content, SEO, site speed etc.

Communiations Strategy

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it is essential to foster meaninfull conections with the audiences. I will help to amplify your brand's voice and develop compelling messaging through Social Media, Own Channels, Influencer Partnerships, and PR.

Digital Transformation

Aligned with the characteristics of your business, I will conduct an assessment to evaluate your digital capabilities. The resulting insights will uncover valuable opportunities that are conected with your core strategy, and bring value to the company.

Team Training

Will improve digital capabilities of your members by providing them with tailored platform trainings, sharing trends & tactics.


Provide relevant CRM management solutions helping to achieve messaging personalizations an automate communications.

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...and consulting local business based in the US, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Ukraine

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